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Celestial Memories by Madoka Fukushima
by Madoka Fukushima

Feburary 24,2002
New My Hometown
New my home town New Hometown
February 26,2002 Sky The rape blossom Sky
February 27,2002
From the 15 F of Tower. Under the eyes, it is the Asuka-yama of the showplace of the cherry tree. The direction of Shinjuku from Ikebukuro The building of Sunshine 60 and Shinjuku developed city center far
Tokyo Tower to be seen like the mirage and the building group It can see Tokyo Dome Blue east sky As for the west, the evening draws near.
The mammoth housing complex Hikarigaoka As for the bridge at the expressway, the gentle curve is beautiful. The Superexpress "Shinkann-sen" and the direction of Omiya city.
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Produced and Photo by Madoka Fukushima
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