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Celestial Memories by Madoka Fukushima
by Madoka Fukushima

March 19,2002
Cherry Blossom
There is a cherry tree row in the riverside near Yokohama station. Bathed in evening's being positive by the flower of the cherry tree is beautiful. Already in full bloom and the neighborhood of the tree of the sunshine
The silhouette of the tree of the cherry tree The electronic flash reaches only a cherry tree most ahead! Full of bloom? The electronic flash didn't reach but the atmosphere is good?
The neon signature is shining when looking back. It says that it is in full bloom already and it doesn't interfere? The age of moon 5 and cherry tree flower This place which the person to understand has known
There is an inhabitant at the house which was made of cardboard in the riverside. (Living person on the road) This is the prolonged depression influence...... The day drew in completely and the office workers who bought alcohol at the convenience store gathered. The equinoctial week seems able to do flower viewing.
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